International Alignment

The process of a foreign country's framework and levels, which are compared with the United Arab Emirates framework and compare and map level descriptors for the purpose of, collaborate, cooperate and foster matters of joint inter-country national agenda in the alignment and mutual recognition of each party’s qualification framework.

The steps of the international Alignment:

To submit a request for alignment the National Qualifications Framework to International Framework Download the file .
(Note: The form is only available in English)

  1. prepare a draft agreement on cooperation and alignment between the two countries.
  2. Approval for technical reports through:
    • Comparing the learning outcomes between national qualifications levels with the other international levels.
    • Exchanging information related to qualifications.
    • Exchanging information related to policies and procedures for mutual recognition of vocational, technical and technical education qualifications.
  3. Signing the agreement of the alignment between the two countries.

The importance of the international alignment:

  • Achieving mutual recognition of Vocational and technical qualifications issued by accredited educational or training institutions inside and outside the country.
  • Facilitating the transfer of skilled labor between the two countries.
  • To enhance relations between the two countries in the field of vocational, technical and technical education.
  • Promote recognition of international Vocational qualifications.

You can fill the form and send it to

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