National Qualifications Framework Handbook

is a facilitating tool aimed at promoting the principle of "lifelong learning" as a means that enables individuals to plan and obtain opportunities to continue learning in pursuit of their scientific and practical aspirations and the active contribution to the growth and prosperity of the United Arab Emirates.

The National Qualifications Framework Handbook provides comprehensive information related to:

  • The structure of qualifications in the UAE.
  • The foundations required to upgrade these qualifications and to enable them to compare with the levels and framework of foreign qualifications.
  • Policies, foundations, standards, systems and procedures for the national qualifications system
  • Integrated reference in the process of developing and designing higher education qualifications, general education, technical and vocational education and training.
  • A guide and reference tool for all educational and training institutions and Qualifications Awarding body, as well as those responsible for developing qualifications.

National Qualifications Framework Handbook : View file - Download file

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