Research & Development at NQA

The Department of Research and Development is one of the main technical departments in the authority that directly oversees the preparation of studies, research, surveys, statistical reports and data management. Which contribute significantly to supporting decision-making processes, developing and evaluating policies and procedures related to the National Qualifications Framework and the vocational education and training sector in the country, also to promote the principle of lifelong learning.

Benchmark Studies

The R&D department is conducting local and international benchmarking studies on various technical topics that serve the strategic objectives of the National Qualifications Authority. To know the best practices that contribute to the innovation process in the NQA, and come with effective methods, to enhance the way of providing the services.

Research and Studies

The team in the Department of Research and Development works to prepare studies and statistical reports on various economic sectors in coordination and partnership with representatives and specialists from different entities in order to recognize the current and future trends and identify knowledge, skills and occupations. In order to develop national vocational qualifications that meet the needs of the labor market and contribute to the inhancement of the skills of national cadres and the workforce in the UAE, reduce unemployment rates and increase the efficiency of graduates, as well as encourage educational and training institutions to present qualifications commensurate with the needs of the UAE market. These studies also contribute to the development of initiatives and scenarios to anticipate the future of the Authority and enhance the life quality of individual and society.

The Department of Research and Development also conducts studies to measure the impact of the application of services, policies and systems developed on socially and economically beneficiary groups and develops proposals and recommendations that contribute to their development and modernization periodically, ensuring that services are provided appropriately and innovatively to meet customers needs.

Research Partnerships

The Department of Research and Development is concerned with establishing research partnerships and creating collaborations with relevant entities, for supporting and strengthening the research and development areas of the Authority.

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