National Qualifications Centre

National Qualifications Centre

The National Qualifications Centre was established after the merger of the National Qualifications Authority with the Ministry of Education in 2021.
The National Qualifications Centre is responsible for ensuring the quality of national occupational standards and vocational qualifications that meet the requirements of the economic sectors and the labor market, in addition to developing policies, standards and frameworks related to the TVET system in the country in accordance with international best practices.
The centre cooperates with local and international bodies for the purposes of recognition of qualifications.

NQC Objetives:

  1. Establishment and Execution of the national qualification framework and its levels
  2. Develop the UAE Technical and Vocational Educations policies and standards as per the best practices.
  3. Standardize the qualifications and the National occupational standards required for UAE jobs.
  4. Develop policies that support life-long learning.
  5. Encourage Learners to enroll in technical and vocational education and training disciplines that meet the needs of economic sectors and the labor market requirements.

Key Tasks:

  1. Quality assures the Accredited Training Providers (ATP) and vocational qualifications.
  2. Accreditation of the awarding bodies as per the NQC’s standards.
  3. Accreditation of the Accredited Training Providers (ATP) to deliver vocational qualifications.
  4. Recognize vocational programs and qualifications offered by Accredited Training Providers (ATP)
  5. Attestation of the vocational qualifications developed through economic sectors (RNDC).
  6. Attestation of the national occupational standards developed by professional regulatory organizations.
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