Accreditation of Awarding Bodies

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About the Service

This service allows regulatory government organizations to become an awarding body to monitor, evaluate, and quality assure the Accredited Training Providers (ATPs) to deliver vocational qualifications and issue certificates in accordance with the National Qualifications Centre (NQC) requirements.

Target Audience

A governing body for a sector OR an organization that governs training providers under its remit.

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Service Steps & Procedures

  1. Sign up/Sign in using the UAE PASS & Add your organization (if it was not previously added)
  2. Fill out the application and upload all the required documents
  3. Submit the application

Required Documents

  • An Establishment Decree as a proof that the organization is a regulator or has a number of training providers under its remit
  • Evidence for meeting Awarding Body Quality Standards (evidence should be provided for assessment)
  • A letter of Acknowledgment and Undertaking, signed by the director general of the organization applying to become an awarding body, commits to the agreed tasks and responsibilities using the form provided by the NQC
  • Organizational Report

Terms and conditions

  1. Must be a regulatory authority that issues educational and training licenses based on the geographical location or the economic sector
  2. Must have competent human resources to carry out external quality assurance activities
  3. Must meet the NQC Awarding Body Quality Standards

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